Work Van Hits Pot Hole at High Speeds!



Watch what happens to this unsuspecting work van traveling down the rainy road at high speeds! As weird as it my be, I actually worry about this more than your average driver while driving through city streets. The thought of someone removing the man hole cover the night before as a prank is one dangerous stunt. The video below shows a perfect example of how dangerous it could be!

Hopefully the driver of the work van was buckled in and wasn’t carrying any dangerous cargo. This seems that the driver might have survived this crazy accident with minor injuries if any. As long as the driver had a good car insurance policy, all should be just fine. He seems to be fortunate in this video, but do always watch out for uncovered manholes, or you might find yourself staring in one of these videos in the future. What do you think, was the manhole uncovered by some dumb little pranksters, or something else. Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share the post before you go!