1980 Bus Jump Attempted Over 20 Motorcycles


School Bus Attempts to Jump 20 Motorcycles at a Nascar Race

For a long time both motorcycles and school buses have been working together to bring excitement to fans of all ages, in the ever loved ramp to ramp motorcycle jumps. This however, was the first time the tables were turned in favor of the buses.

In the video below,46 year old daredevil Jimmy Koupus is going to attempt the first ever ramp to ramp bus jump over 20 motorcycles! The span of which is aprox 120′. He is going to take his custom built, 5 1/2 ton, 427 ci powered school bus over 70 mph around the Bristol International Raceway in Bristol, TN.

Koupus was actually employed for 6 years by the city of Las Angeles as a municipal bus driver. He must have gotten board keeping all the wheels on the road for that long.

Even with the dual roll cages, fire suit and onboard fire extinguisher, stock car racer Kale Yarborough says “he wouldn’t get out of the electric chair to get in this bus”. Watch the historic world record attempt unfold at this 1980 Nascar Busch Volunteer 500 Race event! Kudus to Koupus for this amazing clip. Be sure to ‘share’ the post if you enjoyed this as much as we did!