Worlds Fastest Sofa Reaches Top Speed of 101 MPH!



Watch this fun world record attempt in Sydney Australia! Couches are designed for sitting or, preferably, napping. But a team of speed freaks in Sydney, Australia, who are driven to put a motor to anything have turned what would ordinarily be a leather two-seater couch perfectly suitable for sleeping away a Saturday afternoon into a racing vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 101 MPH.

In fact, the sped-up sofa reached that speed and that means this ordinary brown couch may have broken the land speed record for upholstered household furniture of 91 MPH previously set by Marek Turowsk from Leicestershire, England, in 2008.

The couch didn’t make the trip alone. It was attached to a coffee table that included a cup of coffee and bowl of fruit that was specially built for the world record bid by Evolution Motorsport, a race car and bike designer company based in Sydney, Australia.

The couch is powered by a Suzuki GSX 1400 motorcycle engine, according to the Herald Sun, and project leader Paul McKinnon said the challenge was not just making sure it was fast, but could battle the aerodynamic challenge of pushing a squared-off piece of furniture at that speed.