Worlds Fastest Street Legal Harley Davidson Motorcycle!



Watch the well known Hiro Koiso Racing, engine builder / tuner at Red Rock H-D in Las Vegas NV return to the salt at the 2011 BUB Speed Trials. After-which, the proud owners of the worlds fastest street legal harley davidson motorcycle!

“This year’s preparation was tough but it was all worth it.” Hiro commented. Not only started out by recovering the bike – and himself – from a crash in the 2010 racing event, also the race engine was stolen from the shop in May 2011. “I was so glad to be back on the salt to redeem myself.” His 2006 FXD-I is powered by a JIMS131 Twin Cam engine modified by T-Man Performance, all internal components are WPC metal surface treated. Air is forced fed through ProCharger to add boost in speed. power of the engine is held by AIM 3rd generation CF2 clutch, Gear shifting is done by Pingel electric shifter. The engine boasts 224 Horsepower at rear wheel, transmitted with Sundance / RK chain.

Hiro managed to make 15 passes during the week, set 2 new FIM world and 4 AMA national records in 3000cc Blown classes, including a one-way top speed of 193.596mph without fairings!

The 4 new AMA records were: 3000 M-PBG 188.509mph, 3000 M-PBF 190,413mph, 3000 MPS-PBG 188.231mph, 3000 MPS-PBF 191.507mph.