World’s First Chicken Eating Motorcycle Backflip


Bryce Hudson KFC Go Cup Motorcycle Backflip Promo

When KFC began their new ad campaign for their Go Cups, they could only hope it would be as popular as it has become. This cool motorcycle stunt that has gone viral on the internet, will soon become a tv commercial, and be in every home across the US.

KFC teamed up with X games gold medalist Bryce Hudson to pull off what might be my new favorite way to eat chicken. Promoting the versatility and convenience of the KFC go cup the best way they could think of. KFC had Bryce install a cup holder on the handlebars of his motorcycle. They then proved that you can take the go cup anywhere, by having pull off a sick back flip while using go cup in mid air, upside down, 80′ off the ground.

If that’s not proof that these convenient chicken holders can go anywhere, I don’t know what is. Watch the clip below that will be soon on tv. Can you think of a cooler way to promote the go cups than this awesome motorcycle stunt. This is now the world’s first back flip on a motorcycle while eating chicken! Give the post a ‘SHARE’ for KFC and Bryce Hudson pulling this off, and for having the creativity to make something like this happen for us!