Worlds Worst Driving Lesson Fail



If you ever failed a driving test or had a horrible day in Driver’s Ed, don’t worry – it almost certainly didn’t go as poorly as this. After viewing this train wreck, you could convince us that this South Korean lady had never even seen a car before, much less driven one. We can imagine driving lesson instructors have to put up with some crazy stuff sometimes, putting their lives in the hands of complete novices on a daily basis. We bet this one, however, is one this instructor won’t soon forget.

Believe it or not, this lady actually manages to flip the car less than 10 seconds into her driving lesson. 10 seconds! In the time it takes to tie your shoes, this lady went from sitting in park to totaling a car. And you can hear the instructor just going nuts, first exclaiming “I said brake!”, then telling her to get out of the car. We’re going to keep this video handy for the next time we have a really crappy day, because most of the time at least it won’t be this bad. If you laughed your ass off like we did at this lady’s misfortune, be sure to like and share.