Young Mud Monster Truck at Dennis Anderson Mud Park


Young Mud Monster Racing Truck Showing Off at Dennis Anderson Mud Park

If your any fan of mud bogs and monster trucks, you know of the North VS South event at the Dennis Anderson Mud Park! Many of the pro monster truck drivers have made a name for themselves at these events. The badass monster truck in this video is known as young mud.

Now I’m not sure if Steven Sims is still driving Young Mud, but this bad boy was the ride that Steven drove in his coming out party at Dennis Anderson years back. Steven was 16 when he first showed the world he was going to be heir to his fathers popular name. With his dad being a 5 time monster jam world finals competitor with his famous monster truck Stone Crusher, the shadow was a big one to get out of. Steven did it with flying colors. I know he’s driving the Hooked monster truck with the Cadillac Escilade body now. That is why I’m uncertain if its him in this clip.

The impressive driving and DGAF style of the driver, makes it difficult to tell. Watch the run this bad boy mud truck puts down at the recent Dennis Anderson Mud Park event. He still kept the crowd going even after rolling a couple times, and word is that he pulls off a front flip at the end of this run too. If you have any footage of the final flip, we would love to see it over here! Watch the clip, if you want to see a badass mud truck run, and be sure to give it a ‘share’ before you go!

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