1/2 Size 1970 Plymouth Super Bird Steals the Show!



At first glance, we thought this 1970 Plymouth Superbird was cool of coursre, but nothing special – that is, until we saw it drive by other cars and realized that it was a fully functional half-size car making its way through the fairgrounds of a car show. Then we thought it was pretty rad, and we just had to share it with all of you horsepower fans! Check this 1970 Superbird out as it roams the grounds, and imagine what it would be like to make this car all by yourself from scratch.

The Video Action

The Superbird video opens with a shot of a city street. A traffic enforcement officer is monitoring the flow of traffic. This tiny car drives by, and it only comes up to the traffic enforcement officer’s waist. That’s the first shot of the Superbird, and our eyes were immediately drawn to it — and not just because it’s bright orange!

Watch as the Superbird cruises down the block and immediately garners attention from car show attendees. They flock to it and begin snapping pics. The driver sticks his hand out the window to wave, which just puts the car’s half-size in perspective because his hand looks HUGE! The car itself is 2 feet high, excluding the wing, and 9 feet long.

The car continues to cruise down the street, giving you a good look at its vinyl soft top, exterior paint job, wheels, and windows. At this point, if you’re anything like us you’re pretty jealous about the skills of the team behind this Superbird. Imagine if your car was tricked out like that with a custom paint job.

Around the 2:30 mark, the driver pulls over and kills the engine. At that point, you can watch the car’s driver struggle to open the door and then squeeze himself out of the tiny car. When he gets out, he looks nearly as large as the car. You have to wonder how he gets himself in there and how comfortable it is. Unfortunately we can’t tell you anything about the driver of this car, and whether he is the person that made it. Superbird maker, if you’re out there, come say hi in our comments!

The 1970 Superbird

miniature-plymouth-superbird-muscle-car-replica¬†Combining a go-kart chassis and a fully fiberglass body, this bright orange Plymouth Superbird is a regular at car shows. It’s also going to be featured in Mopar Collectible magazine. This tiny car uses an 8 HP Briggs & Stratton motor, so not as much HP as you guys are used to but definitely something crazy for a fully handmade car. The entire thing weighs 300 pounds, minus the driver.

It’s the styling and the tricked-out little details that make this Superbird look realistic and even earn it double-takes at the car show. Watching it roam around is super fun and will definitely put a smile on your face.

Give this 3-minute video a watch for yourself next time you need to take a quick break. Who knows, it just might inspire you to take on a new project in the house or build your own go-kart car.
Source: (streetlegaltv)