13th Level Teaser: Ultimate Harley Davidson Wheelie Video

13th level dvd ultimate harley davidson wheelie video




Watch this killer clip of the trailer for THE 13TH LEVEL DVD soon to hit shelves near you. Now its damn near normal to see some rice rocket flying down the street on one wheel if you’ve had your eyes open on the road lately. What isn’t normal and a hell of a lot cooler, is what you see in this video!

This trailer give you a glimpse into the world of harley davidson hooligans and what they do for fun with their dynas and fxr’s. Who says harley guys can’t get it up? This video proves we can do that and more! UNKNOWN Industries showcases a new breed of Harley riding in 13th Level. This action packed, adrenaline filled video of street and stunt Harley riding features Nick Leonetti and Buddy Suttle from the famed “Harley Wheelies” YouTube video series. Follow them and their friends as they push the limits of their motorcycles and themselves as they prove to the world what is possible on a bike with zero stunt modifications. Experienced bikers, a new rider, or a fan. This film is entertaining for everyone to watch as the UNKNOWN Industries riders take an aggressive riding style that should be reserved for stunt courses onto the open road and freeways of California.

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