1500hp Nissan Skyline Super Cars Going HAM for the Unlim 500+



The Europen Unlim 500+ event is quite famous and is organized twice, every year. The name already says it, 500+, you can only compete with a car with more than 500 hp. Many of the competitors even have more than 1000 hp. This European stage of Unlim 500+ will take place on Timpaki airfield (Greece, Crete island) from the 16-17 of November 2013!

Watch the cool promo video below of two wicked super cars dueling it out. The Nissan GT-R Switzer Goliath and a mental GT-R Alpha 12+ go head to head in what can only be described as a time warp bending, white knuckle clenching heads up race that may require you to change your pants when your done. You’ve been warned!