19 Incredibly Foolish Road Construction Fails


19. Concealed Stop Light Fail

My first thought when I saw this traffic light fail was that it must be the easiest red light ticket to talk your way out of. I mean honestly, how can any cop in his or her right mind ticket you for flying through a light you didn’t know existed?

photo credit: odometer.com

Nevertheless, in all seriousness I sincerely hope that this was just a temporary fixture that went unused because it’s easy to see how this fail can turn from funny to fatal in a split second.

18. Pave Over The Shovel Fail

This shovel in the road takes both ‘road bumps’ and road construction fails to new heights.

photo credit: odometer.com

I mean, how inept does a construction company have to be to not only leave a shovel in the middle of a project, but also continue with paving right over it?