2013 Pontiac Trans Am Hurst Edition Hot Sports Car Promo



2013 Pontiac Trans Am Hurst Edition Funny Sports Car Promo:

For years the iconic pontiac trans am muscle car has been instilling a certain kind of confidence to its drivers. We all know that confidence instilling quality has been missing for some years, since the storied sports car manufacture ended its production.

Even though Pontiac is no longer putting these powerful and sexy muscle cars, it doesn’t stop some true die hard trans am lovers from keeping the name going. Watch this hot and fun commercial from the guys at trans am depot. They remind us how a cool car can change our entire outlook.

This shy brunette walks into the car dealership looking to buy a new sports car, and finds just the right one. As she gets behind the wheel, we enjoy seeing her imagining the potential this car has. From impressing her beautiful friends, to showing off in front of a group of construction workers.

Definitely makes me want to jump in to one of these 5th gen hurst edition pontiac trans am’s. How about you?