21 Incredibly Brazen Chinese Automobile Ripoffs


21. Chery QQ copied Chevrolet’s Spark

photo credit: thetruthaboutcars.com

First introduced back in the early 2000’s, the QQ has – over the years – become one of the most popular cars on the Chinese market. This is quite an achievement, especially when you consider the fact that the car almost was yanked from production due to numerous disputes with GM and Chevy.

Many critics claim it’s simply the fact that the MSRP is $4700 that allows for such tremendous success as opposed to it being a quality product. I tend to agree.


20. Lifan 330 copied the Mini Cooper

photo credit: cupegraf.com

This one is obvious! The 330 clearly looks like a Mini Cooper clone. It’s almost as if Lifan didn’t even bother to slightly disguise this car as something else. It made its world debut in 2008 as the Lifan 320 but, to keep up with the times the car received a face lift in 2013 when it was “upgraded” to the Lifan 330.

One thing that separates the 330 from a real Mini is the price. An official Mini Cooper has a MSRP of just under $30,000, on the other hand 330’s are just over $6,000 off the lot!