21 Of The Most Luxurious Privately Owned Airplanes In The World


21. Learjet 60XR – $13.3M+

We’ll start our list with the Learjet 60XR! These mid-sized, modestly priced private jets began production in 1991 but as of 2012, manufacturing has been temporarily paused. Nevertheless, during its original 21 year run, the company built around 400 units. This means that anyone with a few million dollars to spare can still likely pick up a 60XR, albeit a used one.

Photo credit: businessaircraft.bombardier.com

As luxurious as the 60XR seems, many consider it to be a “starter jet”. This is because its 8 passenger limit and 2400 nautical mile range is dwarfed by many of the other PJ’s to grace our top 21!