210 Mph Jet Truck Destroys Backstop at Summit Motorsports Park

jet truck burns back stop at summit motorsports park


Watch the infamous Bob Motz take showmanship to a whole new level. With his 6000 Horsepower Jet propelled Semi truck at the 2013 Night Under Fire held at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. First, he blows up the billboard sign behind him as he is getting the jet engines warmed up. He could have pulled into the pits and called it a night after that show. He still would have been cool in my book. But Bob Motz, didn’t come to this drag race just to burn up their advertisers promotions. To top off the craziness he knocks out a quarter mile pass at 210 mph just over 7 seconds!

If you haven’t been to a live drag race event with the Ultimate Inferno you definitely need to add it to the bucket list. You can feel the horsepower in your chest every time he taps the throttle. If there is one thing that is certain to get a crowd of horsepower loving maniacs going, its a jet truck killing track times and ruining the decor. If you liked the video be sure to share it!