23 Military Designed Aircraft The Rich Enough Civilian Can Legally Own!


Join us as we discuss 23 impressive aircraft that you probably thought were illegal to own!
23 military aircraft you'd never guess were legal to own!
Obviously, for security reasons these old fighters, or more commonly called ‘warbirds’ are modified so they can’t carry munitions.

Even with that being true, many of these warbirds are still more than capable of breakneck speeds and fast paced maneuvers. So lets get started on our top 23!


23.North American Aviation T-6 ‘Texan’

From the 1940’s up until the 1970’s the US Navy, Army, and many other militaries around the globe used the T-6 Texan as a critical pilot training tool. Since that time the Texan has made quite a name for itself quickly becoming a favorite amongst warbird fans all over.

Now a days this iconic plane is often used in films and TV shows for realistic looking WWII recreations. On the civilian market T-6’s and their variants usually sale for less than a quarter million dollars.