3 Lamborghinis Wreck in Most Expensive Car Crash Ever



3 Lambos Wreck in What Might Be the Most Expensive Car Insurance Claim to Date!

The upside to owning a car like a Lamborghini Aventador or Gallardo comes easily; the speed, the attention, the status. The downside comes from when something goes awry — like it did badly on a Malaysian freeway this morning, when three Lamborghinis — two Gallardos and an Aventador — collided and burst into flames, in a million-dollar bonfire of the vanities.

According to local reports, five Lamborghinis registered in Singapore were traveling toward Kuala Lumpur in a convoy when one of the Lamborghini drivers lost control. That Lambo hit the road divider, triggering the crash with the other two cars. None of the drivers were hurt. – Via Justin Hyde of Yahoo’s Motoramic