30 Miniature Versions of Your Favorite Cars That Are Actually Driveable


This was one of our most favorite lists yet! We have put together a collection of some of the coolest mini version of iconic automobiles on the roads today. While some of these top 30 mini’s aren’t “street legal”, they are all in fact able to driven.


Each ride has a top speed of over 40mph and can fit a full size adult behind the wheel. Although this list might not include your favorite car, it doesn’t mean it can’t. All of these creatively cool replicas came from automobile enthusiasts like your self, with a special passion for a certain type of car. They wanted to test the boundaries and see what they can build. We would be thrilled if this post motivated you to do the same.


If we missed any mini cars you think should’ve made the list, let us know. If you have your own mini project your proud of, send us an email you for a chance to be featured in the future. Now check out what’s next and please share your favorites with your friends online!