3500 Hp Worth of Ford Mustangs Play Black Jack Dyno!




Enjoy this short video of over 3,500 horsepower being thrown down on the americanmuscle.com dyno when 6 powerful Ford Mustangs from their area meet for a head-to-head battle. they had a few Shelby GT500’s and SVT Cobras show up to see who would walk away with the 2013 Mustang Mayhem title. The winner walked away with a $250 gift card and all of the contestants are getting $50 in gift cards for stopping by!

The Final Results For the 2013 Mustang Mayhem Title:

1st Place – Shawn W. – 2012 Ford GT500 Super Snake – 667 HP
2nd Place – Shannon B. – 2011 Ford GT500 – 651 HP
3rd Place – Jon L. – 2014 Ford GT500 – 629 HP
4th Place – James M. – 2005 Ford Mustang GT – 607 HP
5th Place – Zach P. – 2004 Ford SVT Cobra – 582 HP
6th Place – Brett Y. – 2001 Ford SVT Cobra – 439 HP

Of course this was only a mustang competition and we all know that there are other great muscle cars that should have a chance as well. What car do you think could have beat the 2012 Ford GT500 Super Snake, if any? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share the post before you go. Hope you enjoyed watching!