900 HP Pro-4 Off Road Racing Truck Goes Skiing



Red Bull is known for sponsoring some pretty awesome and crazy extreme sports and stunts – Felix Baumgartner’s 2012 jump from the edge of space certainly comes to mind.  Turns out these guys must be into horsepower as much as we are, because this video is certainly right up our alley.  Imagine getting behind the wheel of a truck with a 900 horsepower engine…pretty cool, right?  Well, imagine if you were then turned loose on a ski slope after a record snowfall…

Champion off-road racer Ricky Johnson was given the chance to do just that, and we’d say it was a success.  He gets some serious air on those jumps, and looks like he’s having a blast heading straight down-hill at breakneck speeds.  What an awesome way to show off all that horsepower – and some great advertising for Red Bull, too!  If the daredevil in you would love a chance at a ride like that, be sure to like and share our post.