926 Horsepower Beast of a Motorcycle



Check out this awesome custom motorcycle with a 926 horsepower engine. We seriously love everything about this one – it sounds great, looks like it is built like a tank, and would be perfect for cruising on the highway. This is clearly not one of the cafe racers that has become so popular recently – this is a great example of good old American muscle in the form of a motorcycle, and we think it’s perfect.

Like we said, this thing is simply massive! It looks like it’s powered by a freaking jet engine, and we can’t imagine it’s the easiest thing in the world to ride. Definitely wouldn’t let a first-timer or someone without some miles under their belt out on this one. We know there are certainly faster bikes, and maybe even some more stylish, but this one has attitude that we dig. What about you – you loving this bike, too? Or you prefer something different? Either way, let us know your preference, and like and share this killer chopper.