Adrian Cenni Lands the First Ever Barrel Roll in a Trophy Truck!



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Just when you thought you had seen it all, something like this comes along! Watch this epic milestone in the world of baja trophy truck jumping. The video below features the first time a trophy truck was able to pull off a 360 degree barrel roll!

Not that its the first time it was possible, but more that its the first time someone with enough skill driving baja trophy trucks combined with a massive set of cojones, actually attempted such a crazy stunt! We don’t know what he was waiting on, but we’re glad he came through for us this year.

Watch Adrian Cenni “The Wild Man” pull off the first ever 360 degree barrel roll in front of a live audience in Ensenada, at the 2013 Score International Baja 1000 contingency. Be sure to ‘share’ this killer stunt with your buds before you go. Thanks for watching!

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