Amazing New Robot Named “Wildcat” Can Run a 4 Minute Mile!



Watch this almost creepy video of the new “wildcat” robot created by boston dynamics. This is actually the 2nd genertation of its record breaking predecessor “cheetah”! Boston dynamics first created cheetah that broke the record for the fastest legged robot with a top speed of 29 mph. It’s major downfall was that it had to be tethered by its power supply.

The “wildcat” robot you will see in the video below is completely wireless with a lower top speed clocking in at “only” 16 mph, which is still faster than most humans. However, the wildcat robot can run a 4 minute mile! It engine noise is very noticeable and seems to be the size of a weed eater by the sound and roll cage can be covered with almost any type of skin. Imagine seeing this thing running around the neighborhood! What do you think about the new robot? Cool or Creepy? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share the post before you go!