Amazing Small Scale Turbo Cummins Diesel Kenworth Truck!


You are going to love these two videos below of Jacque Auger’s mini Kenworth tractor trailer. Jacques owns one of the largest and cleanest appearing fleet of petroleum transportation vehicles in Canada.

mini kenworth truck with cummins turbo diesel

Back in 2007 he decided to build a small scale exhibition truck to mirror its full size brethren. He and Donald Gingras invested over 2600 hours and countless benjamins to end up with one of the coolest ‘lil trucks anywhere. This ‘aint just a fiberglass body over a golf cart, it is an exact replica. Power is a 3 cyl. Cummins turbo diesel that pumps out 37 hp through a Ford Ranger 5 speed tranny ending up in a true tandem drive system using a pair of Suzuki jeep differentials. There is a complete and working air brake system to bring things to a halt. By itself you can’t tell this little guy from a full size Kenworth until you have something to compare it to. I’d like to compare it to my garage to be honest with you.

Now you have something to ask Santa for this holiday season! Watch the video’s we found of the little truck racing its big Kenworth Diesel brother and it sporting around the parking lot. Be sure to ‘share’ this post around and especially with the ol’lady so she knows what to wrap for Christmas this year!