An All Terrain Romanian SUV for the Zombie Apocalypse!

ghe o rescue all terrain suv


Impressive Off-Road Diesel Rescue Vehicle Can Do It All!

It’s a boat! It’s a tank! It’s … the Ghe-O Rescue, an eight-foot-tall, 6,400-pound all-terrain vehicle that makes a Land Rover look like a matchbox toy. And it just might be the perfect ride for the zombie apocalypse.

When is practicality a factor is conversations of the coolest all terrain vehicles? If your still looking for the answer, its never! We don’t care about mpg’s when where climbing muddy hills at 2 mph or drudging through 5′ deep raging rivers. The Ghe-O Rescue doesn’t either, but somehow it passed in that category too! From an engine that can pump out over 500bhp or 300bhp on its diesel engine model. The engine can also be military fitted with water and electro magnetic protection.

The rescue can have accessories like water pumps for firefighters, 620L water tank pneumatic pillows on wheels for a better floating on water or snow, tracks on rear wheels, on top cargo(foldable), medical stretch (with side door access), plow system, terratrip, gps.

Is there any question that this is the vehicle you want if the world goes to hell in a handbag? Or a zombie apocalypse breaks out?