Another Reason People Hate Hummer Drivers





Hummer drivers already face general dislike from much of the population, and we bet this video of an off-roading Hummer taking out every street sign in sight isn’t going to help. We’ve all heard the same stuff about Hummer drivers – they don’t care for the environment, they’re arrogant, they just want attention, and so on. Hey, if you have the money for it and want a Hummer, we couldn’t care less. But please, don’t drive like this moron…

It’s hard to know what was going through this idiot’s mind when he decided it would be a good idea to take his Hummer off the road and on the sidewalk, and just start charging through every street sign along the road. Maybe he was drunk, or maybe just some punk who didn’t give a crap and wanted to have some fun. The rest of us, we assume, just think this guy looks like a jackass who’s costing tax payers money. We don’t know if this guy was caught, but we hope so. Be sure to like and share if you do, too.