BMW Sports Car Performs Fastest Lap Around Manhattan



Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first: kids, don’t try this at home. What you’re watching here is the latest record-breaking (and illegal) speed lap around Manhattan. The first one on record was performed back in 2001 by Alex Roy, who completed the 26.5 mile route in 27 minutes. Then, in 2010, a group known only as CBC performed the route in 26:03. And now, just recently on August 26, a new time of 24:07 was established by someone known only as AfroDuck Productions in a stock 2006 BMW Z4. That gives an average speed of about 66 miles per hour, which doesn’t seem all that fast, but watch the video and you’ll find out why that’s a crazy time due to the amount of traffic along the route.

The time was accomplished in the middle of the night with the least amount of traffic on the road as possible, but you can still see how dangerous it is – swerving from lane to lane, cutting cars off, and overall driving quite recklessly. The video has attracted the attention of law enforcement, too – police are now investigating to see if they can find the culprit who performed this stunt. That might be why the previous record-holders waited over a year after their respective runs before posting the video. We’ll see how it all plays out, and while we do think this is extremely dangerous and reckless, it’s impressive nonetheless. Like and share if you agree, and feel free to post your comments below.