Car Driver Miraculously Survives Landslide



If you’ve ever been driving in the mountains and seen those signs posted that warn to “watch for falling rocks”, this video is for you. Check out this clip of an extremely fortunate Taiwanese driver who survives what was almost a catastrophic event. This video was taken in just the past couple of days, and shows why we should all heed those warnings on road signs and be alert at all times.

The dash cam video is shot during a rainstorm on Taiwan’s northern coast, and seems to be just sort of an ordinary rainy day. However, things quickly change – as the drivers are approaching mountains on the right side of the road, a wave of dirt and mud comes arching over the roadway in just a split second, covering the car just up ahead of our driver. We then see what was bringing all that dirt along – a boulder, at least 3-4 times the size of the sedan, has become displaced, and comes this close to crushing the car, along with its passengers. It settles mere feet from the vehicle, giving the driver a scare he’s likely to never forget. Like and share this video if you found it as insane as we did, and be alert out there on the roads!