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As most Americans know, when you want to witness something crazy or unusual, take a trip to Walmart. In this countdown we’ll showcase 21 of the most insane vehicles ever spotted at one of these iconic superstores. From god-awful modifications and paint jobs to horrid parking, you’re sure to be shocked and amazed by these […]


Accompany us as we countdown the top 25 weirdest limos EVER! We’ve sorted through literately hundreds of super crazy and very unusual limousine photos in an effort to bring you the best of the best. Follow along with us as we countdown some of the most weird and creative limousine conversions on the road today. […]


It is somewhat insane even to consider a tug-of-war between a pickup and a semi truck cab. It is a good thing that people are crazy because the outcome was not expected. What do you say when you finally close your gaping jaw after a pickup out-pulls a semi truck? Semi Truck Diesel Power According […]


[ad#rectangle-image-large] With Great Torque, Comes Great Responsibility At first glance, this looked more like a remote control car on carpet, than anything else. Thats because were looking at one of the smallest suv’s on the market… on the market in Japan, and thats saying something. When it comes to compact cars they are one of […]


Ever Wonder How Semi Truck Drivers Pass The Time on Long Hauls? Honestly, I try not to ask anymore because the answers can get a bit creepy sometimes. I never heard this one though! It can be tough to keep your eyes open on any long drive. We all have been there once or twice. […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Truck Driver Loses His Truck While Fighting Pedestrian in the Snow It is becoming harder and harder to be surprised by what we see from the footage of russian dash cams! One of the most common things in these videos is fighting. Not sure exactly what has these people so damn angry at each […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Pissed Off Driver Eats His Words After Threatening Girl on Motorcycle Driving in the a busy city on a motorcycle is a chore to say the least. Not only is it far from scenic most of the time, you have 5 times more cars on the road then in the rural backroads of the […]


[ad#responsive-top1] Poor Guy is Victim to New Car Wash Prank! This hilarious clip is brought to you by the famed french funny man Rémi Gaillard. He has a new movie and posted this short clip to garner some press for it. I’d say its doing well. With over 1 million views on youtube in its […]


[ad#responsive-top1]   The Toyota Tundra Can Twerk Better Than Miley Cyrus! Lets be honest, when Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs first did this video a couple years back, the Toyota Tundra pickup truck did not come out on top. Mike was filming a video comparison between the 2009 Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, and […]


[ad#rectangle-image-large] Car Driver Gets Losing End of a Heated Road Rage Battle Rarely do you use the word smart, when describing a road rage battle you witnessed. Its usually two people who are already besides themselves, and can’t take another moment trapped in the hell that americans call “rush hour”. I don’t mean to look […]