Custom golf carts are becoming more popular in recent years, and not just on the course. There’s also a growing number of people taking their carts to the streets. Some of these carts are even street legal, which means they can drive on primary roads at speeds of over 35 miles per hour. But when […]

The military has a long history of producing powerful, unique, and downright awesome vehicles that far exceed the capabilities of our civilian Fords and Chevys. Some of the vehicles currently and formerly used by the military are available to you, and many of them are relatively inexpensive. In this list, we take a look at […]

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Take a look at the top 17 unsafe cars that have the highest chance of serious injury. The list includes the fast, the small, and the poorly designed. The odds of being seriously injured in a car collision have gone down significantly in recent years as new high-tech safety features have emerged. According to the IIHS, there were 15 […]

Modern SUV’s tend to be a pleasant blend of rugged truck-like properties mixed with car-like coziness and fuel efficacy. It’s this fact that makes these crossover utility vehicles appeal to more people now, than ever before. In this countdown we’ll discuss some very entertaining facts and tidbits about 6 of the best SUV’s released during […]


This list exploring 21 vehicles you’d want to own during a zombie apocalypse talks about some of the biggest and meanest looking cars and trucks to ever be featured on this site! We’ve compiled a complete list of apocalypse-proof vehicles according to a strict set of survival standards. [ad#rectangle-center] Some of these vehicles would be […]


Mud Truck Madness plays out before your eyes in the video below. This is a tug of war battle like no other. Between 2 Mega Trucks to determine their dominance over one another. The goal is to pull your opponent backwards until you cross the line. Once you do that you have won the tug […]


Talk about ingenuity. It is always impressive when people pull off a DIY project that changes their world. This customized car lift not only elevates vehicles; it also overcomes some of the limitation of a hydraulic system [ad#rectangle-image] The Geometry of Creation There is inspiration in creating a tool that not only benefits you, but […]


It is somewhat insane even to consider a tug-of-war between a pickup and a semi truck cab. It is a good thing that people are crazy because the outcome was not expected. What do you say when you finally close your gaping jaw after a pickup out-pulls a semi truck? Semi Truck Diesel Power According […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Tucked in the Western side of Russia is the Oblast of Rostov A.K.A the Bison Track Show. While it sounds like a pony ride on wildebeests, this event is anything but a pony ride. This is a wild west, Wild Bill Hickock kind of show that features racing tractors. Yes, as in farmers gone […]


In the Idaho Dunes, the 1300 HP Buckshot X2R Sandrail explores the power and thrill of the ultimate off-road buggy. The power and precision that Buckshot Racing builds into these buggies is easily captured in the video. With enough power to pop wheelies going up hill and to get air born, as it crests the […]