It seems that more than any other vehicle, custom-made trikes are the most likely to turn out weird and unusual. In many cases that’s a bad thing, but some of these unique creations are also downright impressive. This eclectic list includes fast trikes and trikes that maneuver well along with some cumbersome creations that were […]

The military battlefield has changed considerably in the 21st Century. Smaller, more mobile vehicles are generally being favored over the bulky armored vehicles of the past. Additionally, modular vehicles are being developed for greater adaptability based on mission requirements. While some military vehicles of the future look similar to the vehicles they are replacing, others are quite unique […]

Are you ready to see the most technologically advanced military aircraft the government has kept hidden from public view? This list includes amazing aircraft that are being used in the military today and others with some insane capabilities that are currently in development. Some of these top-secret machines are even rumored to be alien technology. […]


One must applaud invention. This twin turbo diesel racing tractor is inventive. As it rolls up to the line something nags at your mind. You take in the beautiful modifications. You look at that beautiful paint job. Those massive tractor-sized rear tires gnaw at your brain a bit. The encased roll bar and driver cages […]


Looks Like Volkswagen is Trying to Give Ken Block a Run for His Money With this recent teaser of the new VW Snowareg, you can be sure Rally Sweden has arrived. The only full snow rally race of the year, it draws a major crowd. One of the competitors being the new Volkswagen ‘Snowareg’. This […]

[ad#responsive-top] [ad#rectangle-image] Best of Iceland’s 2013 Formula Off-Road Racing Compilation Check out this fun compilation of the scandinavian adrenaline junkies going all out in icelands 2013 formula off-road racing events. These guys know how to have fun. With 800+ horsepower in these little jeeps and buggies, there’s bound to be some craziness! Watch the video […]

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