CBR600RR Races Cool Cop on His Turbo Powered Harley Motorcycle!



Watch this epic race between what might be the coolest motorcycle cop and one lucky guy on a honda cbr600rr sport bike. Not only did this cop allow the guy on the honda motorcycle to enjoy his motorcycle safely, the police office on the harley davidson motorcycle seems to enjoy his ride as much as any down to earth guy should.

Now there has been tons of fallback from this video being posted the other day. This motorcycle “race” was filmed on a busy highway in montgomery, AL and of course there are tons of tight asses that had a problem and complained to MPD. They were concerned that the “drag racing” could have caused a car accident, etc…Suposedly the harley davidson motorcycle officer had to resign after this video went viral due to the whiny d-bags that called in.

However, once the MPD went over this video more thoroughly, they decided to reinstate the officer. We are happy to report that he is back on his hog already! Not that they were doing anything crazy, I don’t think they even went over 60. With all that said, what do you think about this cop and his harley davidson motorcycle skills? He seems to love his hog like any harley rider I have ever met. Listen how proud he is when he says “it has a turbo”.

We definitely need more down to earth cops like this. Be sure to ‘share’ this post if you agree! Thanks for watching!