Chevy Corvette ZR-1 Races the Nitro Powered Willy’s LSX Jeep!

chevy corvette zr1 races willys lsx jeep


LSX Nitro Willy’s Jeep Races Chevy Corvette and Honda CBR Motorcycle!

The Willy’s LSX Jeep is back and even meaner than ever, in this new video by the guys at 1320! We posted about this sick LSX powered Willy’s Jeep tearing up the streets a couple months back, and it was already fast as hell! Watch this chevy powered showdown between the LSX Engine and the C7 Corvette!

Now the owner of the mean military green jeep sleeper has added a nice bit of nitrous power to the already beefy LSX engines output. Watch the video below of the jeep picking on some local muscle cars and street bikes. From the new chevy corvette C7 to a Honda CBR, you can really see how fast this jeep is! Think its time for a roll cage yet?