Crafty Russians Zip Line a Station Wagon Across Siberian River!

russians zip line station wagon car across siberian river


Crafty Russians Zip Line a Station Wagon Car Across a Siberian River!

Just about any guy has been zip lining once in his lifetime. If you haven’t, its never to late to give it a try. Back when we were kids they were hardly as safe or technical. I can remember using a heavy duty rope pulled tightly between the neighbors tree and ours, with just a lead pipe as the handle with the rope pulled through it. No stopper, no net, just balls and stupidity (the perfect combination for a great you tube clip)

This video below is quite different though. Stupidity was not present this day, as these craft russians use some serious inginuity to get a station wagon car across a siberian river. These guys get a double thumbs up from the ALH team. Most people going on an off road adventure would give up when they make it to a river like this, without a bridge.

That’s not the case below. Watch as these genius russian adventurers, zip line their station wagon car over this siberian river to get to the other side. From the a frame supports to intrecate cable system, this rig is ready for any station wagon sized car you would need to move. The funniest thing has to be the “sophisticated” stopper in the form of a large tree at the other side! Had us laughing our tales off at the end. Watch and share this fun video and let us know your best attempt at crossing a river when there is no bridge in sight!

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