Crazy Fast Volvo C70 Car Surprises Honda CBR1000-R Motorcycle



Watch this surprisingly fast volvo c70 sport car remind the souped up cbr1000r motorcycle that there is always someone faster. At first glance, you would imagine the honda sport bike would have no problem showing up the volvo in a one on one race. Well, watch the video below and see how that is much to far from the truth!

Obviously the top end on this 1998 volvo c70 with over 600 hp takes the cake in this showdown. After about 160 mph the motorcyclist almost loses sight of the speeding volvo. Of course the honda motorcycle gives up over 400 hp but has the weight advantage by far. This video definitely was surprising to us. How about you guys? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share the post!