Custom Cadillac With a Supercharged Cummins Engine Swap


Cool Custom Caddy is Getting a Supercharged Cummins Diesel Engine

You don’t see this everyday! The custom cadillac alone would be a cool site to see, driving down the road. When you notice that there is custom cummins diesel engine sticking out the hood, its down right awesome! This video surfaced a couple weeks back on youtube, and got our attention. One, because we love caddy’s. Two, because we love big engines, and Lastly because this embodies everything good in the world of custom hot rods.

The creativity of our present day gear-heads, is what keeps our love of hot rodding interesting and exciting. There are no limits to what can be done, with the right motor,body, and know how. Of course this custom rat rod looking cadillac is still in the building faze. The roof was chopped 3″ and the owner  Greg Bastien  is still waiting on the windshield. After a nice paint job a new windshield, and some final tweaking to the supercharged cummins diesel engine swap, this custom cadillac hot rod will be ready to turn the heads of even the most critical of hotrodders!


The owner promises to get some more videos up, of this beauty on the road. Check out this cool walk around clip in the meantime and let us know what you think in the comments below, or send us a tweet to @AmericaLovesHP!