Czech Stunt Rider Martin Kratky Has Mastered the Motorcycle!




Sometimes you just have to say “Wow”! This latest motorcycle stunt video of the talented Czech Rider Martin Kratky, compels us to think that same 3 letter word! Its not often that we post motorcycle stunt riders on this blog, simply because most of the video are all the same. It takes more than just endos, stoppies, and wheelies, to make it on here.

Thats not to take anything away from the talent of the stunt riders today. Lord knows I can’t do half the stuff these guys pull anymore. Kratky, on the other hand, has a little more in his tank than the other guys. There are a couple top names in Motorcycle stunt riding and Kratky is definitely one of them.

The video below proves just that. Watch as he shows off his incredible balance, amazing skill, and his creativity. From “bunny hopping” his 400lb motorcycle to one handend wheelies on motorcycles without front wheels. This video is all but disappointing. If you were impressed by Kratky’s skills be sure to ‘share’ the post before you go. Thanks for watching!