Dad Teaches 20yr Old Daughter Donuts in a Corvette ZHZ


 Cool Dad Shows His Daughter How to Do Donuts in a Chevy Corvette ZHZ!

Do you remember your first donut? Was it in a $40K Sports Car? Mine was in a used nissan fronteir pickup truck with a manual transmission. No, not hardly as cool as a Chevrolet Corvette ZHZ, but fun nonetheless. When your 14 anything with a motor and wheels a worthy vehicle!

This clip of a (overly excited, but ultimately awesome) dad teaching his 20 yr old daughter how to do donuts is great. He is in what is suposedly a rented chevy corvette ZHZ convertible. In a warehouse parking lot, with no other cars around, he is teaching his daughter the fundamentals of a good burnout.

You have to lough him calling her out. Saying she is a chicken when she doesn’t keep the gas pedal to the floor to extend the donuts.. wonder if he would have the same enthusiasm if this was actually his corvette without rental insurance.

The daughter is doing “OK” until he steps out of the car and lets her go at it while he films. Once she is driving the chevy sports car by herself, she really gets on it. Kudos to the chick for laying some serious rubber! The award to dad of the year might just be won already, and its only January! Watch the clip below and don’t forget to give it a ‘share’ when your done!

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