Dodge Challenger Burnout Fails to Impress

dodge challenger burnout fail


Watch this poor dodge challenger being put through some hell! There are times and places to hot rod around with your dodge challenger, and this could definitely be considered one of them. However, just not with the guy driving the car. The video below is a funny clip pointing out how this driver had a better idea, just sitting around and playing with his phone.

It seems like the driver was either part of the event or in some sort of car club, with that funny looking straight jacket styled vest. He was attempting to woo the other ladies in the beginning of the video ( you can already see his judgement is off right there) and all you can think is he was going to close the deal with some cool car stunts. Well, if she stuck around to watch what happened, she probably didn’t stick around much longer!

Needless to say someone who is in the market for a used dodge challenger might be getting lucky after this clip. We all know this guy doesn’t need it anymore! If you enjoyed watching this joker learn a lesson in humility, be sure to ‘share’ the post!