Dodge Cummins Truck Takes Tug of War Win Too Far



Dodge Ram VS Chevy Silverado, The Ultimate Pickup Truck Tug of War!

The driver of this Dodge Cummins truck isn’t content with a simple victory over a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck in this truck pull – watch as he hauls ass around the parking lot with the Chevy in tow!

First of all, we’ll hand it to the driver of the Dodge – it’s an impressive win. The Dodge overwhelms the Chevy pickup and dominates this match fair and square. But at that point, things should have ended and the drivers should have shook hands and gone their separate ways. That’s where things definitely take a turn…

The friends standing around in the parking lot to watch this matchup can’t believe what they’re seeing, as the driver of the Dodge pickup truck takes off with the Chevrolet behind him. It doesn’t matter what the driver of the Chevy does, he’s simply along for the ride until the Cummins lets up. We can tell you what we would have done in his shoes if this happened to us – once the dust settled, we’d calmly head over to the driver’s side door and punch the driver of the Dodge square in the teeth. Sounds like that’s pretty much what happened – according to the person who uploaded the video, a few punches got thrown and eventually the cops got involved. That’s a good way to let a fun Friday night get out of hand. Be sure to like and share our video if you enjoyed seeing what some rednecks with nothing to do can come up for fun.