Driver Threatens to Shoot Female Motorcyclist and Eats His Words


Pissed Off Driver Eats His Words After Threatening Girl on Motorcycle

Driving in the a busy city on a motorcycle is a chore to say the least. Not only is it far from scenic most of the time, you have 5 times more cars on the road then in the rural backroads of the country. Sure it is nice when you and group of buddies are riding to a favorite watering hole or event together, but when your by yourself amidst crazy road raging car drivers in California traffic, it can get a little sketchy.

This video not only proves that, but it ends the best way possible for the girl on the motorcycle. Supposedly the guy yelling obscenities cut off the girl on the bike a little while back, and didn’t see her on the road. She did what most of us probably would to, and cut him off on her way to pull ahead and make her presence known.

This didn’t sit well with the short tempered honda driver. Watch as he pulls his car into the intersection to threaten the girl. He threatens to “pop a cap in her ass” like a real bad boy! Of course the girl on the motorcycle would be a little scared at this point. Not in this case though. Luckily there happen to be two cop cars sitting across the intersection at the red light watching the entire incident! “oops” pal, tell it to the cops now! HAHA. You’ve got to love when things like this happen! Whats your worst road raging cager story? Have you ever had your life threatened like the girl on the motorcycle? How did it end?

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