Ducati Motorcycle Helps Lifted Chevy Pickup Truck Off The Road



Check out this video of a good Samaritan on a Ducati motorcycle helping a Chevrolet pickup truck that ran out of gas off the road. Motorcyclists can get a bad rap sometimes for the actions of a few, but it’s awesome to see one lending a helping hand…or foot, we should say.

Our friendly neighborhood biker is out for a ride when he notices the truck in the far left lane and decides to help. Watch as he positions his bike right behind the Chevy pickup and places his foot up on the bumper. With his leg and Ducati, he helps the truck driver maneuver his way to a nearby gas station safely to get some fuel. We’re hoping this guy won’t let that happen again and will make sure not to push it so far running low on gas, but we’r sure he was glad someone was willing to help out. Any of you ever been on the giving or receiving end of some aid on the side of the road? Be sure to like and share if you applaud the actions of this motorcyclist.