Epic Car Wash Fail



We’ve all had bad days, but have you ever had your door ripped off in a car wash? That’s exactly what happens to this Einstein in the video you’re watching. We aren’t sure what possessed him to attempt opening his door and grabbing something off the windshield, but we assume it did not go according to plan.

We can’t imagine it could have been important enough to risk this. You can almost see the realization hit him as he realizes it’s too late and frantically attempts to close the door back. Probably would have worked out better for him if he had just driven forward and tried to avoid this catastrophe that way. Now he’s got a broken driver-side door, and probably a drenched interior along with wet clothes. Talk about really ruining your whole day.  All because he couldn’t wait 30 more seconds before grabbing whatever it is off the hood of the car. Ridiculous. If you got a good laugh out of this like we did, make sure you like and share our video.