Epic On Board Hill Climb Ride Along in A Formula 1 Race Car!

crazy formula 1 hill climb


What an epic hill climb run! Its not to0 many times we get a crazy formula one, on board ride along video sent to us. Not to mention, up a mountain through tight and curving country roads! Our Brains couldn’t even think as fast as this guy maneuvers through the turns.

Watch the video below of Federico Liber dominating the Cividale Castelmonte 2013 for the first place win of the formula one racing circuits most entertaining races. Its amazing watching how fast and perfect he reacts to the turns of the mountains. Some of the credit goes to the grippy tires his formula one race car ( a Gloria C8F ) is sporting! Does anyone else wonder if he has his eyelids taped to his forehead, so he doesn’t miss an upcoming turn? Be sure to like and share the post if you though Federico’s run was as impressive as we did!