Failed Prank Backfires On Driver



Unbelievable what can happen when an idiot attempts something stupid in a car, huh? We don’t know what got this guy so riled up – maybe woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe not enough coffee with his breakfast. Sure, the guy walking across the road to get to his car was probably jay-walking, but did it even cause the driver to have to slow down at all?

We guess it seemed like a good idea in his mind to “teach this guy a lesson” so he slides over towards the very edge of the road to put a scare into his target. Turns out to be a pretty boneheaded move, especially on icy roads. He overcompensates when he tries to get back over to the middle of his lane, and starts to fishtail. It doesn’t take long before he seriously regrets his move – his car goes sliding off the road and right into a light pole. Was it worth teaching that pedestrian a lesson for what sounds like quite a bit of damage to his vehicle? We sure don’t think so, but maybe he does. Be sure to like and share if you got a laugh out of this guy’s idiocy.