Ferrari Driver Runs Over Police Officer and Quickly Regrets It

ferrari driver runs over cops foot


Sometimes the owners of super expensive luxury cars live up to their bad reputations, and this is absolutely one of those times. If you’ve ever gotten pissed off because some rich jerk got away with being a total prick, this video is for you. Check out what happens when the owner of a Ferrari 458 Spider thinks he can get out of a parking ticket by simply driving away – while the cop is still standing there, pen to paper writing the citation. Talk about equality – sometimes it’s nice to see a reminder that a lot of times, the rules do apply the same to everyone.

We see this guy walk out, take a look at the cop writing the ticket, and nonchalantly get into his car. As he does, the police officer eases over just a bit to his left, so he is now positioned with his left leg and foot in front of the car. The driver does not care one bit – he cranks his Ferrari and slowly inches forward until he makes a gigantic mistake – his tire runs over the foot of the cop, who is now uber pissed. The cop slams the dude’s window, sets down the clipboard, and roughly pulls the jerk from his car with the assistance of his partner. They quickly have the guy face-down on the ground, roughing him up a little in the process. Funny – he doesn’t seem so arrogant anymore! The finishing touch is at the end of the video, when they load him up in the back of a police car. Nice to see someone knocked down a couple of pegs when they get a little too high and mighty, don’t you think? Be sure to like and share if you think so.


Special thanks for video to Damian Morys