Fun in the Snow with an Over Powered Mobility Scooter!



What would you do with an over powered mobility scooter that tops 70mph? If you are having trouble deciding, watch the video below of Colin Furze taking his out for a spin in the snow. I could easily drive this souped up motorized wheel chair all day long.

Colin Furze is an eccentric garage inventor that has a passion for all things over powered. It shines through in this fun video. Where would you take this fun ride if you had it for the day? I would like an empty grocery store.. Attempting a grocery getting record in a 70mph motorized wheel chair, drifting around each aisle, swatting groceries in the cart as you speed by. That would definitely make for a great video itself.

Watch the video, then let us know what you would do with this crazy little ride in the comments below.