Funny Farting Turkey Thanksgiving Prank!



Happy Thanksgiving Guys! We wanted to share some of our favorite thanksgiving videos with you this holiday. While everyone is sitting around the table or living room getting ready to eat the turkey, dressing, cranberries and which ever special meals your family tradition has brought to the table. You can get this fun video out to guarantee some laughs from the kiddos, and if any of the grown ups are as classy as myself, they should enjoy this video too.

Thanksgiving is not only a time for great holiday deals and shopping, it is also a time to give thanks and get rid of any negativity. This one bigger than life turkey decided to get his negativity out in a way, that can only be described as.. Hilarious! Watch what happens when fate puts this gassy turkey in public during the busiest shopping day of the year! Don’t forget to ‘share’ this post with your buddies, so they can share this with their families too!

Happy Turkey Day Guys!