Funny Way To Deal With Tailgaters



Just what we all need sometimes – a clever way to deal with people who insist on following too closely on the road. Well, unless you’re like us, in which case someone would have to be going pretty fast to stay that close. But hey, there are definitely some of you who could use this!

There are plenty of ways to deal with tailgaters, though some can lead to real trouble on the road by upsetting the wrong person. Chris Pool, however, found a pretty humorous and fairly non-confrontational way to handle them. This video shows how Chris hacked the rear bumper of his late model Honda Accord to fire windshield wiper fluid at people following too closely. Talk about some James Bond action – replace that fluid with some oil and you could make a getaway like 007 himself (Bond girls not included)! We thought this was pretty funny, and certainly a more civil way to deal with road rage than some other more aggressive methods. Any of you have any clever hacks you’ve used on your vehicle such as this? Make sure you like and share our post, too.