Gas Station Robbery Goes Horribly Wrong!

gas station robbery goes wrong


Watch what happens when these thieves in Australia get more than they bargained for at the pump! The video below shows this couple on a day they will soon never forget.

Some crooks really should call it quits. Take one pair in Australia, who got into a dangerous situation after attempting to abruptly flee from a gas station while reportedly stealing some fuel. Police released surveillance footage of the incident, asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects.

On the tape, a woman can be seen gassing up a red car. Everything seems normal, until an employee approaches the vehicle, in an attempt to check that the plates were legit.

The driver of the car, evidently panicked, tries to take off with the female accomplice outside, still holding the nozzle and putting gas in the car. The vehicle yanks the fuel hose free , which sends the woman flying in the air before harshly colliding back on the pavement.

She gets up and runs to the car and they both leave the scene, leaving gas pouring on the ground from the broken pump.

If you were the attendant would you have ran too? I mean the gas station has insurance to cover these types of things. If you liked the post, be sure to ‘share’ it!